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What is your print fleet costing you ? Do you know the real costs of printing in your organisation?


Do you know the the volumes of colour and black and white prints for each of your organisation's printers?


For most organisations the answer to this is a resounding no.


Premier Partners International can help discover the real cost of printing by applying our indistry leading knowledge, software and methologies to accurately capture this information for you.


Premier Partners team of experts can assess the equipment you currently have, its applcation and volumes to reveal cost/time/maintenance inefficiencies.


The comprehensive audit process is completed by Premier Partners International with only limited involvement from your internal resources.


The results of the print audit are comprehensive, clear, accurate and concise. This is the key element and ensures that  the information is relevent in assisting to drive change and improvement within an organistion.


Print audit results vary according to the type of industry and the individual organisations needs. Here are some excerpts from sample audits:

  • Sample Audit Info 1 (coming soon)
  • Sample Audit Info 2 (Coming Soon)
  • Sample Printer Audit Map (Coming Soon)


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Print Auditing
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